Karaoke at The Boxcar

Posted: October 14, 2008

The Boxcar Ale House in Seattle’s Magnolia area might seem, at first glance, like a pretty average neighborhood bar. It’s far from it. On Thursdays and Saturday, they host one of the best karaoke nights ever, with the best song selection I’ve ever seen, a great DJ and lots of fun patrons.

The song selection…

Is amazing. They’ve got everything. I mean it. From all the classic karaoke standards, past and present, to some really fresh and up-to-date current hits (and misses) there is a truly something for just about everyone. And, even if you’re not into singing, you’ll probably be happy and surprised at the mix. The regulars tend to really go deep into the obscure at times and it makes for a fun, entertaining mix.

Aside from the singing, The Boxcar is a pretty nice bar. It’s got a good selection of beverages, decent food, a night set up (both indoor and out) and a friendly staff.

The bottom line

The Boxcar is a great night out in Seattle, and if you’re in to karaoke, it’s a must visit on Thursday or Saturday night.

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